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Judges Building Services is a highly recommended company, specialising in all types of home improvement works, from loft conversions to brick extensions to house refurbishments.

Located in Harlow and servicing clients throughout London, Surrey and Essex, Judges Building Services was formed by Brothers Harry & Jorden Judge with over forty years of construction experience. In that time, we completed many thousands of successful builds. We believe in employing only those we trust and know. For that reason, our work is done exclusively by in-house architects and tradesmen. We don’t ‘split trades’ and only use specialised workers within the fields of carpentry, plumbing, electrics and plastering. The materials we use meet or exceed all building control and environmental requirements and we offer tremendous scope to use more exotic or customised materials if the client so chooses.

Customer Satisfaction

From our first consultation with our clients, through to the drawing up of contracts and plans, through to the implementation of our works, we commit ourselves to an exacting professionalism and care to ensure a wholly satisfactory outcome for our clients.

We also maintain a high level of communication so clients can feel reassured, informed and included throughout the progression of the works process. We do this not just out of professional pride but also because we know, from experience, that happy clients are the best advert we can have and the best avenue to future work. Furthermore, we are also comprehensively insured and offer a full ten year warranty to provide peace of mind.

Why Choose Judge's Building Services

That is, after all, the big question. Why go with us and not someone else? What makes us any different to the many dozens of construction firms operating within London and the surrounding region?

Well, we do things a little differently to most. The typical frustrations felt by many people when dealing with construction companies are work delays, price rises, poor communication, unclear designation of responsibility and payment practices which seem to put power more in the hands of the company that the clientele they are being paid to serve. As previous clients will tell you, we go the extra mile by using certain policies and initiatives designed to stop us from failing in these ways.

Reliable Builders

We take great pride in being reliable builders in Essex. Our main aim is customer satisfaction and we always go the extra mile.


Judges Building Services is well-known across Essex and the surrounding areas. No matter what your needs might be, we have you covered.

Quality Building Services

Our aim is to provide the best building services in Essex and that’s why we only use quality building materials.

Free Building Quotes

Free building quotes are available for all types of construction work, no matter how big or small your project might be.

Professional Advice

Our team of builders is always on hand to provide expert advice and guidance. We work closely with our customers from start to finish.

Local Building Company

We are a local Essex building company, that covers the whole county and many of the surrounding areas.

Contact Judges Building Services

If you’re interested in any of the services we offer or would like a free quote, then be sure to contact us today. One of our team is always on hand to assist.

Working With Judges Building Services

We often amaze our clients-to-be with the claim that we complete rear dormer lofts in 3/4 weeks or a hip-to-gable / rear dormer loft in 4/5 weeks. They then see we are as good as our word. There’s no ‘magic’ to how we work more quickly than most firms and it isn’t down to rushing or cutting corners. We do it by carefully organizing supply runs, issuing our builders with their tools rather than expecting them to bring their own, by setting realistic targets that we expect fulfilled and by setting a full work day. Our men are expected to leave for work by 5.30am to be in the site area before delays caused by morning traffic can be encountered, then wait for whatever time it has been agreed we will start.

Our teams normally start by 7.30-8am, leave no earlier than 4pm and eat on the go. No lunch hour and no tea breaks. By insisting on full commitment to working and working smart, we are able to build with the dispatch that not only benefits the client but us as a company. We get to build more projects and our men earn more by those extra completed works. It’s also a great advertisement for us to the neighbours, who appreciate us quickly getting out of their hair with minimal fuss. They often become future clients.

When we meet you, we will issue a ‘quotation,’ not an ‘estimate.’ That means, should you accept that price, that is what you will pay. We don’t ask for a ‘contingency’ of ‘leeway’ in the final figure and, if we find we undercharged you later, then we rightfully take the loss. The one exception is in the rare event that we discover a severe structural issue that was impossible to detect during initial surveys. In short, we want to play fair and hope you remember that when you talk about us.

Nothing concerns a client or damages our relationship with a client faster that poor communication. That’s why you will have at least four personal contact numbers, ( Harry, Jorden, Lee and your Team Leader ) plus the number for our permanently manned office. This ensures you should be able to initiate contact, at any time, with someone available to help or advise.

​We also take care to include you as intimately as possible in the design of your project, from the initial drawings through to careful collaboration on fixtures and fittings to help you make your ‘mark’ on your home. And we are open to any feasible suggestions you may have if you are looking to push the boundaries of possibility to do something ‘different’ in your home. Why be conventional?

Our work teams all have a specified ‘Team Leader,’ who is responsible for the conduct and efficiency of the team, both to our clients and to the company. The Team Leaders report to Harry and Jorden, who administrate and own the company. You’ll find we go out of our way to prevent problems arising but, if they do, there is a clear chain of responsibility to deal with the issue.

The great majority of construction companies expect either large sums of money in advance and/ or an agreement for the client to pay immediately upon completion of various work ‘stages.’ Instead, we agree that our client must feel fully satisfied not just with the completion of works but also with the work quality. We ask for a quick email stating we have performed that work stage to your satisfaction before request that stage payment. It’s a sign of how committed we are to ensuring you are happy and of our confidence in our men.

We expect our Team Leaders to provide a quick, daily emailed update as to any issues encountered and why. This allows us to continually assess our performance and remedy areas in which we can improve work efficiencies.

We are bringing in a new policy where we will ask you to participate in a quick survey at the end of the project to ‘grade’ your satisfaction level for everything from how clean and tidy our team worked through to the level of communication we achieved as a company. We also ask you to critique us and offer any advice as to how we can improve our service. This will lead to a ‘score’ by which we can monitor the performance of our men and learn how to further improve our practices.

We also take pride in our aftercare. We keep all quotations and contracts permanently on file and so can easily review in the event of any future issues that need attention. You will find we are happy to remain in contact long after the job is done to address any problems that may emerge. If anything, our clients often feel more reassured when we quickly return to fix some small problem after the job is finished because they know how seriously we take our commitment to them into the future.

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