Looking to Choose the right Tradesman? Look no further! 

Choosing the right installer for your project is just as important as choosing the right materials. You want to work with someone who knows how to do what needs to be done and has a good reputation in their industry, but it’s not always easy! There are so many tradesmen to choose from, and it is difficult to tell which one will do the best job! Below are some things that can help make sure you’re getting an installation from somebody great. 

Choosing the right tradesman for your building project can be a daunting task. This blog post aims to help you find that perfect tradesman for your building project. 

Where to Start 

When you are looking to find a builder for your project, it could be useful to ask family and friends if they have any recommendations. Chances are that one of them will know someone who can recommend the perfect contractor for your specific needs! It is always worth checking out websites or reviews too when searching through builders in order to make sure you’re getting quality work done at a great price.

What to Look Out For 

As well as taking recommendations from friends and family, there are a number of other ways to find suitable tradesmen for your project. You can look at the accreditations and qualifications that the tradesmen hold, their experience and gallery of previous work carried out will also be beneficial for you to view. In addition to this, it’s worth considering tradesmen who specialise in the installation of the room your project is in e.g. kitchen installer, bathroom installer. 

Before you Select a Tradesman 

With so many tradesmen in the market, how do you know which one to go with for your project? The key is doing some research beforehand. We recommend getting a quote from any potential company before hiring them based on their skills and qualifications.

Research is vital when it comes to picking the right tradesperson for your job or task at hand. It’s always best if they actually see what needs fixing because this will enable them to give an accurate estimate as well as tell us exactly what materials we need (or whether there may be extra costs).

You should also get quotes from at least 4 different installers, this will help you to spot any quotes that seem unreasonably high or ridiculously low, the level of detail in the quotes will also tell you a fair bit about their work and what work they are proposing to do. Payments to tradesmen are usually paid upon completion of the project unless you agree to a payment plan and pay at separate stages of the project.

Making a Final Decision 

If you are stuck when it comes to making a final decision, here are a few things you should ask yourself before you make that all-important choice:

  • What qualifications and accreditations do they have?
  • Will they remove and dispose of old materials or parts?
  • Who will carry out any gas and electrical works? Who are they registered with for this work?
  • Ask for a work schedule and project timeline
  • Will the tradesman offer post-installation care should you have any concerns?
  • Are any warranties or guarantees offered on the work carried out?
  • Will you have a specific point of contact during the project?

Once you have had these questions answered you need to make sure you are comfortable with the person selected to install your project.

Get in Touch 

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