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This is where we answer some of your question. These are primarily questions that we get asked a lot, about our building services.

If you have more general questions about building work and what we can do for you, please use the contact form provided. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We work across all of London, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire and Surrey.

This will depend entirely on where you are based and the work being carried out. We will work closely with you to ensure you have all of the necessary permissions needed to complete the work.

We issue a full ten year guarantee for all work and materials.

We carry a multi-million-pound, comprehensive insurance umbrella that covers all forms of damage that can occur to any private or public property in your street. We take special care not to need it very often.

Ideally, we would like a minimum of 2.3M clearance from the underside of the ridge beam ( the ‘apex’ beam connecting the front and rear roofs ) to the top of the loft floor joists, due to the fact that a minimum legal height, after completion, of 2.0M is required and a total of roughly 30cm is lost due to the creation of a suspended loft floor. We can ‘squeeze’ a 2.0M height out of a loft that was originally 2.15M but anything lower will likely require a rebuild of the first floor ceiling, which is both costly and adds to client inconvenience.

We work almost exclusively through the roof and will only be within the first or ground floor area during a few days when the loft stairs are fitted or if additional works are required. But we will always use sheeting and seal interior room doors to minimise dust or dirt intrusion.

Unless you wish us to, we don’t include the cost of decoration (flooring / painting / tiling)  and we ask you to either supply or pay for sanitary wares. Council fees are not included as they go direct to the council. New pumps, water tanks or boilers are also not included within the final price, unless formally agreed as part of the deal.

We only use our ‘own’ men, from consultation to design to construction.

We are happy to meet with the neighbours to reassure them and help them sign the Party Wall Agreement documents, proving that you have lawfully informed them of your intention to progress with construction work. Typically, this will cause no problems and the worst that can happen is the neighbours insist upon you paying for a Party Wall Surveyor to survey and stipulate that there are no structural reasons why construction works cannot proceed.

All such works is included but light fittings, sanitary ware and any pumps or new boilers are to be either supplied or paid for by the client.

We usually complete a standard-sized Rear Dormer in four weeks. An Eaves conversion will typically be a week less and a Hip-To-Gable / Rear Dormer takes around five weeks.

There is inevitably noise and the inconvenience of scaffolding fixed to your home. However, we commit to keep disruption to the minimum. This is done by entering your home almost exclusively through the roof. We leave the breaking through of the first floor ceiling to allow the installation of the stairs until the last week of the job, to minimize noise intrusion.


Aside from loft conversions, we also construct rear/side return extensions, conservatories and perform all forms of renovations/refurbishments.


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