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Wanting to Upgrade your Existing Property in Chelmsford?

Is your house too small, but there are many unoccupied exterior areas around your home? Have you considered a building project to help improve your home? You can add a ground floor, single-storey, or double-storey extension with our team here at Judges Building Services.

Your Chelmsford-based home can be extended to give you more living space and increase the worth of your house. If you don’t want to expand your house, you can even speak to us about a loft conversion; we can work with you to give you a proposed extension plan, which will follow building regulation approval.

Since they allow for house expansion without requiring a move, home extensions have grown in popularity in the Chelmsford region. As a result of our many accomplished projects, we have established ourselves as one of the top businesses there.

Due to our extensive combined industry expertise, we guarantee that all building extension work is completed within all building regulations, and our house extension cost is highly competitive.

We are familiar with Chelmsford residents’ needs and can provide high-quality finishes and work with all kinds of construction projects, including renovating historic structures. Today, let our staff assist you in extending your property; you will always receive professional service!

House Extensions Chelmsford

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From single-storey extensions to over-structure extensions and much more,we have all your building extension needs covered.

The Best House Extension In Chelmsford

Chelmsford House Extension Solutions

You can rely on us as extension builders in Chelmsford to cover all your requirements when looking for home extension builders or neighbourhood builders nearby.

Additionally, our devoted team of experts and home builders takes excellent pleasure in our services, and our enthusiasm for our work is evident in each project we complete.

The staff at Judges Building Services takes excellent pleasure in the high calibre of service that every one of our clients receives, and we pledge to go above and beyond for every one of you to earn your complete satisfaction.

Chelmsford is renowned for being an emerging artistic area. If you want to add space to your home to accommodate a growing family or increase its value, there are a variety of various house extensions from which to choose.

You can feel secure knowing that we can meet all of your needs. You will be assigned a project manager who will offer building control on every extension build we carry out, ensuring your house extension in Chelmsford will be the best; refurbishing your property can be revolutionary for your home! 

Our home builders in Chelmsford offer the following kinds of extensions that can be completed at your property:

Loft Conversions

– extend your property by making use and converting the space that you already have.

Conservatories and Orangeries

– a simple structure that can create the ultimate living space for you to enjoy natural light and the outdoors at your property.

Single Story Extension

– built onto a part of the house where one or more sides of the new extensions are attached to the property.

Rear Extension

– these can include internal property alterations with the opportunity, adding significant value to your property.

Side Return Extension

– attached to the side of the house, these can be used to house garages, dining rooms, and downstairs bedrooms.

Two Storey Extension

– added to any side of your home, they are perfect for adding a bedroom and bathroom upstairs with a usable room downstairs.

Garage Conversions

–  garage conversion perfect for a new home office, a playroom, a utility room, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Kitchen Extension

 – Popular kitchen extensions include High Gloss, Island Based Kitchens, Galley Kitchens and In-wall Straight Kitchens.

What are the Types of Brick Extensions

Our design options for loft conversions are frequently limited by the specifications of the roof and the materials we must use to fit. The benefit of brick extensions and home additions is that you can start with a “blank page” plan that offers unlimited creative licenses.

There are numerous choices for roof, glazing, doors, and cladding, and that’s just what’s on the exterior. Our Essex house builders can construct an addition to your home that will give you excellent options for enhancing your living arrangements, whether you are determined to have a large kitchen/dining area, an expanded lounge, or even something unusual like an interior swimming pool.

Your dream coastal home can be developed with assistance from our staff. We are lucky to have easy access to major roads that connect the city to the coast, including the A12 and A130, which allows us to move from client to client without any hassle.

If you want more information or advice on house extensions in Essex, contact our team immediately.

One of the most common kinds of expansions is the single-story variety. These enlarge the downstairs area and provide more space for entertaining or eating. Greater increases in the area will require planning approval from the local authority, but smaller single-storey extensions may be covered by permitted development.

You get more space aloft and downstairs with multi-story additions. Most multi-story additions are constructed on the property’s side or back because they don’t significantly alter the neighbourhood’s look.

Wraparound extensions are precisely what they say on the tin and will wrap around the perimeter of your home. These extensions typically extend the space to the side and rear of your home and are most commonly single-story. However, you can also get multi-storey wraparound extensions.

An over-structure extension is built over a single-story building, like a garage or prior addition. Because you are extending the space above an existing area, this type of extension is typically much more straightforward to get authorised.

If it already exists in some properties, there may be untapped space in your home’s cellar. A property without a basement can still have one added to it, but the labour involved may be much more difficult. If you don’t have a basement, consider expanding the space by ascending to your loft.

One of the most popular kinds of available extensions is a loft conversion. They demonstrate an affordable home expansion method; you won’t lose any garden area either.

You can increase your room without always adding an addition to your house by remodelling an outhouse or building a barn. These will offer you a small piece of property on your property that you can use for anything from short-term rentals to office space.

How Much Can You Extend A House?

What kind of additions can you have without planning permission if you’re seeking to renovate your home in Chelmsford? While various extension regulations must be followed, a few requirements must be met to make an extension without planning approval.

Why not call our staff if you wonder, “Can I extend my house?” We are familiar with the additional regulations because we have specialised in extensions throughout Chelmsford for many years.

According to the new permitted development (PD), for instance, homeowners can add a single-story rear addition to their home that is no longer than 6 meters long if they own a terraced or semi-detached property; if they own a detached home, the maximum length is 8 meters.

Contact our team immediately if you need assistance comprehending the laws and ordinances governing expansions in Chelmsford. We are always delighted to assist.

You can have peace of mind that our team will ensure your brand-new extension fits in with the original building; we can offer a full site survey to ensure all the materials we use suit your needs and your Chelmsford home.

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Why Choose Us For Property Extensions in Chelmsford?

We have worked on various construction projects in Chelmsford over the years. As experts in home and property extensions, we have years of expertise in the building trade and can therefore manage a project from beginning to end.

We have a lot of satisfied clients, and after hearing from them, we think some of the reasons you should pick our home builders are:

  • We can build any home extension
  • A wealth of industry knowledge and experience
  • A dedicated team of building extension specialists
  • Free quoted for any home extension work
  • We cover the whole of Chelmsford and the surrounding areas
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For Home Extensions in Chelmsford, Contact Judges Building Services

Contact us immediately if you live in Chelmsford or a nearby area and are considering adding a house or other structure to your property.

We have a lot of collective industry expertise, and our service is well-known in the neighbourhood.

We can meet all your building extension requirements, from one- to multi-story additions. Since we have been in business for so long in Chelmsford, we are familiar with the best kinds of property additions for every residence.

Contact a team member if you have any questions or want a free, no-obligation quotation from one of our builders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An extension is an increase in the upstairs or downstairs space of a property. There are many different types of extension you can choose from, some of which fall within permitted development, whereas others will require planning permission.

The cost of the extension will depend on its size, the finish you choose and how much work is involved. We provide some of the best quotes for property extensions and will ensure you are given a fair and competitive price.

This entirely depends on where you are based and the size of the extension. When carrying out the initial assessment of your property, we’ll give you advice on the permission you might need and can support you through the planning application process.

The length of time it takes to build an extension can range anywhere between 3-6 months. These fluctuations in time frame can depend on a number of factors such as the size of the extension, if planning is needed and the work involved. When you choose us we’ll give you an estimated time frame for completion and will inform you if any delays are expected.

If you’re interested in having an extension built, then all you need to do is get in touch with us via phone or email. When contacted by email or through our contact form, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, give us a call today and we’ll do our best to assist you right there and then.

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